Saturday, 31 March 2012

Christening Day

Well what wonderful weather we are having but I,ve been 
told its going to change over the weekend but I hope not.

Today's card is a Christening card I made for a neighbour. 
It was a while ago because i,ve been enjoying the sun too much to craft!!
I know I,m sorry, can,t promise I won,t do it again though!!!!

I have used decoupage from a Cd and it is so lovely for a Christening.
Do you know when I worked in Riverside crafts I could have told you the name 
of just about everything, but now the names just evade me.
Yes I know it's an age thing.

I used some heart ribbon that I bought at our local Boyes store,
used an embossing board for the sentiment and layered it up on foam pads.
Card candi makes its usual visit to just give the corner a little bit of something.

The backing paper was also in the pack of decoupage and the name still evades 
me i think it was doolicraft range.

It was my son,s 19th birthday yesterday which we really enjoyed,
having a family get together at a local carvery and we really enjoyed the day.

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.
Until tomorrow

jens xx