Thursday, 26 July 2012

Card Competition entries

Good morning crafter's
How are you coping with the warm weather we are having?
34 degrees here on Monday and a more reasonable 20 today.

So today I am sharing with you some of the entries
to Jayne Nestorenko,s card competition.

Isobel Hunter

This is a card made by Isobel Hunter and uses Jennie and Jeremy
from the original Cute Companions range.

Kandis Andrews

This card was made my Kandis Andrews and
features Polly from her Patchwork collection.

Mandy Chambers

This card was made by Mandy Chambers
and uses some more of the Cute Companion s range.

Hellen Claire Pearce

This card was made by Hellen Claire Pearce
and uses the Cute Duo's stamp plates along with an 
image from Summer Stories.

Kathy Freeman

This card was made by Kathy Freeman and uses
the Cute Companions range of stamps.

Sue King

This card was made by Sue King and uses quite a few 
stamp images from the different ranges of Cute Companions
and papers from the CD .

So I hope you are now feeling inspired 
and post an entry of your own .
The closing date isn,t until the 4th August 
so you,ve still got plenty of time.

All you need to do is post your card on to Jayne's
Time for tea with Jayne Nestorenko
facebook page.

The theme is a card that will make both Jayne and Jacqui
smile after all the bad weather we have had.
You can use any of Jayne's fabulous designs
from the latest or previous stamp collections, so plenty of choice !!

We look forward to you entry and I will
be sharing more cards soon .

Take care, keep cool and happy crafting .

until tomorrow

jens xx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wedding Day Wishes

Hi there crafter's 
Today I am sharing a card I made last week for a
friends wedding day.
They wanted a traditional card and although
the card shape may be slightly contempary,
I think the image is very much traditional.

I,ve used a spellbinder die for the easel card base, 
with coordinating matt's and layers.
The backing paper is from a pad I,ve had for ages.
The image is from a decoupage sheet I
bought years ago when I first started crafting.

I,ve added ribbon for texture and
 liquid pearls for dimension and interest.
 I think they make cards look more elegant, 
don' t you think .
The ribbon stopper was created using a glitter girls board
and layering it up, edging it with peel off's.

Have you seen that Jayne Nestorenko  launched
a card competition yesterday.
Details are on her website

you just need to create a card that will make
Jayne and Jacqui smile
to brighten up the dull and wet days.
You can use any of jayne's designs whether from
her stamps or Cd  collections, 
upload your card onto her facebook page
'Time for tea with Jayne Nestorenko.'
The closing date is early August, so plenty of time to create
either a card or project. we look forward to seeing your creations .
You can enter as many times as you like .

Good luck

until tomorrow 

jens xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Floral Retirement 

Hi there crafter's 
Sorry I haven,t posted for a day or so,
things have been quite hectic with one thing or another!

So today I am able to share with you a card
I made for a friend, to give on 
someone's special retirement day.

To make the card base I have used a 
Spellbinder die and created an easel card.
The image is  from 
Red hot bed,
 now that brings back memories.
It is a pre-glittered decoupaged topper
and is just gorgeous.
I think the style of image suits the shape
of the die and compliment each other really well.

I,ve made a few different themed
 cards in this same style.
 which I hope to share with you over
the next few days .

Don,t forget to keep an eye on Jayne's new website
as my project will be featured in the near future.
So exciting!!

Jayne has some really lovely designs in store for you
over the coming months. so keep a look out
for all the news as it is released.

until tomorrow 

jens xxx

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Helene's Apron

Hi there crafter's

Today I am sharing another card made from 
Jayne Nestorenko's
Patchwork Polly 
collection of stamps.

The design is named after Helene,
Jayne's best friend who loves gardening
and is also the very talented technique teacher at
Jayne's workshops.
Helene wears an apron when demonstrating
and so I thought I,ll do an apron shaped card.

The stamp is from Creative Expressions and I,m 
not sure if it was Jayne demonstrating it about 7 years ago now,
or not, but it was a while ago!!

I decoupaged the pockets to give them a 3D effect
and allowing me to place things within them.
It is coloured with promarkers and 
the faux stitching is actually part of the stamp.
I love it because it can be used as a mans DIY apron,
a mothers day cooking style apron, or in this case
a gardening apron and many more besides.
So I teamed it up with Helene and her friend the duck,
 who are also coloured with promarkers.

The button embellishments also come from the collection,
as does the watering can.
I added a thin cord for the apron strings
to finish it off.

The card base was created by enlarging the shape
slightly and placed on the  fold .
I hope you will agree its something a little bit different.
For those of you who are kind enough to look regularily
will know that I love my easels and shaped cards .
Put them together and for me, you,ve cracked it.
Now I,m thinking , why didn,t I make this an easel card.
It could quite easily be made into one.
I,ll be adding that to my 'to do list ' lol

 until tomorrow

jens xxx

Friday, 13 July 2012

Patchwork Jennie and Teddy

Hi there crafter's 

Well what a lovely day, the sun is shining at last!

So today I am sharing with you this bright and cheery
birthday card I made for a friends, friend!

The character is Jennie from
Jayen Nestorenko's
Patchwork Polly collection of stamps.

Not named after me I have to add, although
I wish it was, she's so cute and her teddy
is just adorable.
Jayne does in this collection ,what she does really well,
which is to give us numerous images that work independently or
to use to make up your own story.

I,ve coloured the images with Promarker's
and tried to keep it reasonably simple.

The corners are from the Polly stamp plate
and used to create the diamond effect.
Jennie is holding her teddy and looks as if she,s 
about to say something.
In my case where did I put......!!

I hope you,ve had a good day and managed to enjoy the sunshine.

until tomorrow 

jens xxx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Jennie's Drawer's

Hi there crafter's 

Here we are again with the wet and dull weather,
Oh when will it end ?

Today I am sharing a set of drawers I 
designed quite a while ago now.
I was just playing around and this is what I came up with.
Again rather basic as I look back at it now, 
but that's how we advance our techniques 
by learning a bit at a time.
If I made this again I would  use a shaped die for the base and top.
It would add more interest and allow more for 
extra matt and layering.

For the drawer handles I would use a large bead sewn on
and maybe add more layers to the sides, 
so that it doesn,t  look quite as plain as it does now.

Sometimes its a good idea to leave a project
for a while, and go back to it with fresh eyes
 although I have to admit two years
may be a little too long ! lol

I,m willing to learn from my mistakes , 
it helps when I make so many !lol.

The character on the side is Jennie 
from Jayne Nestorenko's
 Patchwork Polly range of stamps .
I have matted her on to a spellbinder die and faux matt.

I think I now need to make an updated version of this
and maybe make up some templates.

Watch this space !

until tomorrow 

jens xxx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Patchwork Polly Box
 as seen on TV.

Hi there crafter's

Today I am sharing with you something 
you may already have seen!

This is a box I made for Jayne Nestorenko as a gift,
after purchasing her then new range of designs a few years ago,

Patchwork Polly and friends.

 I sent it to Jayne and she liked it and asked me if she could share 
it on the TV, the next time she was on Create and Craft.
Well that was a big decision to make I can tell you!
it took me all of a milli second to answer
Yes Please!

So the eagle eyed of you, that are fans of Jayne's designs
will have already seen it in detail.
I was amazed at how long both Jayne and Leonie spent showing
the box, cards and tags in such detail.
I was so proud and I still have the show taped.
Does that mean I can now put  'as seen on TV ' on my card s! ? lol

So for those of you who missed the show,
firstly where were you??,
 only joking, here are the other 
pieces to the collection.

The box itself was made using a template
 and a medium thickness pink card.
I added ribbon around the rim of the lid ,sticking to the 
same colour ways to tie it all together.
The small flowers were stamped and coloured with Promarker's,
but the large flowers were from a My Craft Studio CD.

The backing papers were from a pad, as this collection  
didn,t come with a CD rom.
I then stamped and coloured each character with Promarker's
and added one to each side of the box.
Luckily it had six sides, as there are six lovely characters.

The same backing paper was used to create the inside tag pockets.

Here are four of the cards I made to go in the box,
one for each character .Don,t know why I didn,t take
a picture of them all !!

If I remember correctly I coloured 
everything with only five colours.

I had pictures of the tags too, but can,t seem to find that either.
I had used the smaller elements ,
 or worker stamps as Jayne calls them ,
 to put on the tags . They were just the right size.

Well I hope you like the box.
The cards look a bit basic looking back on them now,
 but I was still proud to see Jayne and Leonie 
show them on the TV, 
a very proud moment indeed!

So until tomorrow

Jens xxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Your a Star

Hi there crafter's

Today I am sharing a card I made a few years ago
when the Patchwork Polly and friends range were released.

I made it for a friend at christmas and found 
the images so useful for any occasion, even Christmas.

The card base is quite large , I think its 10x10 ish!!
I lined it with a navy polka dot paper,
and also lined the inside with the same design.

The star is made up of the triangle stamps from the
Polly stamp plate,
 arranged them so that they overlapped
to create the star shape.
For the centre I have used a Martha Stewart punch,
which were all the fashion at the time,
 and created a square matt to sit Jennie on.

I stamped and coloured her with Promaker's
 and added some decoupage to give extra depth.
I gently shaped her to make her look 3D rather than just flat
and added some coordinating cord
 to make it look as if the star was hanging.
 That was the effect I was looking for!

What did you make with your collection
of Patchwork Polly stamps.
I look forward to seeing some of your designs .

until tomorrow 

jens xxx

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Recent Flooding

Hi there crafter' sorry no card again today .
Instead I am sharing some pictures of the flooding
that was just around the corner from us on friday.

This picture was taken at 12.30pm .
 I had just gone round the corner to take my friend some cards,
when i was met by flood,  fairly deep in the middle of the road.

This picture is from my friends house looking
back down to where I took the last picture.
It's approx and hour or so later !! 

You can tell how the man's wellies are nearly 
covered how deep it was and he,s standing
 on the  path and not where it dips down in the middle.
Its creeping up my friends drive too .
It was now approx 5pm.
No help given , Bowzer came and went
 saying it needed to do somewhere else first!

The corner house were bailing water from approx 1pm until 7pm ish! 
when the fire engine finally arrived to pump out the road.
This is a cul de sac, of cul de sac's and there's only one way out ,
 this water was blocking the exit and was also
 starting to come in from the other end and meeting here.

The fire engine came at approx 7pm ish! and started firing
 the water over our road and into the field oppisite.
Guess what they are starting to build 150 houses in the field
where they were pumping the water ,
 which was already soaked with water from the storm and heavy rain.

It always does, Goole council voted against the new houses being built. 
The builder went direct to Beverley to appeal
 and in there wisdom have granted planning permission.
So if anyone wants to buy one of these homes
 you will have a free water feature every time it rains heavy.

The road is now thankfully dry, but quite a few
people have been affected by water damage, 
but still very lucky that the rain stopped and 
the fire engine came to pump them out.

So here's to some better weather and plenty of sunshine .

until tomorrow 

jens xx

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Morning crafter's

Sorry I haven, t posted a card for you to see today.
Yesterday we had a worrying time with 
localised flooding. 
The street just to the side of us and round the back were all 
flooding and we were out moving things and watching
what it was doing to be ready for action if needed.
Thankfully I can report that the fire brigade turned
up and finished pumping clear the road just after midnight.
Everything smells our toilet water is black, but thankfully 
everyone is safe , but lots of houses , mainly bungalows were 
affected so will be busy today, moving things and planning in case it happens again
and we arn,t has lucky .

So I hope you are all well, safe and dry.
I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow 
with a new post , all being well.
Thanks for looking 

jens xxx

Friday, 6 July 2012

By the Sea 

Hi there crafter's

Today I am sharing a card I made using 
Jayne Nestorenko's
Summer Adorables.

Please bear in mind I,m not a stamper really , 
I,d class myself as a decoupager.
So you will understand how pleased I was with this card.

It was one of my first attempts at masking, after trying the 
technique at one of Jayne's workshops.

The beach stamp plate is my absolute favourite set of stamps
I just love, love ,love them.
So I thought I would give it ago
 and I think it turned out quite well.

I have used a Spellbinder die for the easel card base.
A nice blue card to set off the sea side feel 
and used a collection of the stamps to create my scene.
It's coloured with my promarker's and used card candi 
as stopper's .

All the designs work so well together, no matter
how you use them and can create male or female cards.

These stamps come out time and time again
and I will never grow tired of them .

I,m entering this card into Emma's group competition,
well I am if I know where to put it . lol. 

Don.t forget to visit Jayne's website to see more
cards as inspiration for these and in fact all her designs .

Thanks for looking and I hope to see you again

until tomorrow

jens xxx

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Framed Delight 

Hi there crafter's 

Today I am sharing with you 
some of the results of my crafty play session.
 The  Asian lady and decorative frame are from
the same stamp plate ,
from Jayne Nestorenko's 
Grande Journeys collection of stamps.

I was quite pleased with it really,
 to say I used promarker's with the normal nib.
I am now the proud owner of the finer nibs for most of my pens.
They will help to neaten my colouring and stay within the lines.
Oh that brings back memories . lol.

I have only used three colours for the whole design, 
so not too bad really .
 It just goes to show that you don,t need
 hundreds of colours to produce something respectable.
While on my holiday's I had coloured different colour ways
and they all look so different, although they are exactly the same design.
Weird isn,t it , that always amazes me!!
It doesn,t take much as I,m not too good on colour .

Just need to make it into a card now , 
shall i keep it square or turn it into a shaped card?
Oh decisions, decisions !!

until tomorrow

jens xx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Card competition

Hi there crafter's 

Today I am sharing a card I made for a  
competition run by a group I am in on facebook.
Cindy Page has designed some images which
she is hoping to release on her own cd .

So with the image I have created an easel style 
of card!, no surprises there then , ha ha .

I love this die as it makes an unusual shaped card.
I,ve added the embossed ribbon from the Illusion
embossing board and some card candi.

You can,t really tell by the photo but i,ve decoupaged
the image and cut away ,the background leaving just the lady and trellis
to add depth to the card.

I would like to wish everyone who has entered ,
good luck in the competition and Cindy
for setting up the competition and offering the prize .

Tomorrow I will be sharing the second card we made 
at the workshop on Sunday. 
I didn,t get it finished in time for today's post,
sorry about that . I could have shown you Jayne's version
from the display, but that would be cheating.

so until tomorrow 

jens xx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fan..tastic Card

Hi there crafter's

I hope you are all well and enjoying your crafting.

Today I,m sharing with you the card that I 
made at Jayne Nestorenko's workshop on sunday.
As you saw yesterday we had the choice of colour
and it was a difficult decision to make.
In the end I went for the green and gold one , 
although I may have to try some of the others too .

Here is Darren's card ,
 hasn,t he made a good job of it .

We started with the card base and gold matt layer
and then moved onto stamping the scene and the geisha.

We were treated to some wonderful technique demonstrations
which we all tried and achieved stunning results.
For anybody who would like to try making this 
card all the details are on Jayne's
 new website in a project tutorial.

The products we used were 
Jayne's Grande Journeys  Geisha  and  Koyoto Garden stamp plates,
the Elegance and Fantasy embossing board,
Why not grab yours and craft along with us .

Tomorrow I will share the other tag card that we made ,
until then 

jens xxx
Time for Tea with Jayne Nestorenko on facebook

Monday, 2 July 2012

Geisha Fan Card 

Hi there crafter's

Today I,m sharing with you the two cards we made 
yesterday at Jayne's workshop down in Rugby.
Jayne said choose a colour card base !?!

How do you choose from all those stunning cards,
 it's tough being a crafter ! too many decisions to make , ha ha .

I,ll share some close up pictures later but my camera is playing up
now and the battery has run out.
I must have worn it out today!!

If you look carefully at the back row of cards,
on the left is a three tag card,
 which was the other lovely card that we made.

We,ve learnt some new tip and techniques from the lovely
Jayne and Helene.
Thank you to you both for all your hard work which helps us to have 
a really enjoyable day day , with lovely company.
How we managed to fit it all in beats me, 
but we do and the were some stunning cards made.

I hope everyone will share pictures of their cards with Jayne 
as she is going to set up a customer gallery.
How good would that be to have one of your cards
on Jayne's website or facebook page.

I,m thrilled to see my cards there and you can join us too.

We look forward to hearing from you.

until tomorrow 

jens xxx