Sunday, 8 July 2012

Recent Flooding

Hi there crafter' sorry no card again today .
Instead I am sharing some pictures of the flooding
that was just around the corner from us on friday.

This picture was taken at 12.30pm .
 I had just gone round the corner to take my friend some cards,
when i was met by flood,  fairly deep in the middle of the road.

This picture is from my friends house looking
back down to where I took the last picture.
It's approx and hour or so later !! 

You can tell how the man's wellies are nearly 
covered how deep it was and he,s standing
 on the  path and not where it dips down in the middle.
Its creeping up my friends drive too .
It was now approx 5pm.
No help given , Bowzer came and went
 saying it needed to do somewhere else first!

The corner house were bailing water from approx 1pm until 7pm ish! 
when the fire engine finally arrived to pump out the road.
This is a cul de sac, of cul de sac's and there's only one way out ,
 this water was blocking the exit and was also
 starting to come in from the other end and meeting here.

The fire engine came at approx 7pm ish! and started firing
 the water over our road and into the field oppisite.
Guess what they are starting to build 150 houses in the field
where they were pumping the water ,
 which was already soaked with water from the storm and heavy rain.

It always does, Goole council voted against the new houses being built. 
The builder went direct to Beverley to appeal
 and in there wisdom have granted planning permission.
So if anyone wants to buy one of these homes
 you will have a free water feature every time it rains heavy.

The road is now thankfully dry, but quite a few
people have been affected by water damage, 
but still very lucky that the rain stopped and 
the fire engine came to pump them out.

So here's to some better weather and plenty of sunshine .

until tomorrow 

jens xx


jane stillman said...

I hope it has subsided by now, take care and stay safe x

Crafty K said...

Sorry you have had the worry of this flooding Jen, hope things improve very soon. Take care xx