Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gardening not Crafting

Hi there everybody

It was too warm to craft today so I 
decided to do some gardening instead.

I have two of these bushes ,
 one either side of the conservatory doors.

At the back of the garden i,ve planted up
a couple of long planters.
I just love the Azaeleas's, can,t spell it ,
but lovely to look at.

The pink version.

The red version.

A lovely bit of colour in the sunshine.

Tomorrow I hope to have a card or two to show you .

until then 

jens xx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vase of Flowers

Hi there everybody

The weather is still holding here in Yorkshire
I wonder how long it will last.
We are just not used to having so many nice days in a row!

It's a bit warm for crafting inside
but somebody has to do it! hehehe.

So today I am sharing another flower card.
This time they are in a vase and 
built up in a pyramid style.

I have used card candi to accent the top and bottom
and added a sentiment to the side . 

This is for my 'just in case' box because
I am still trying to use up some old kits.

I,ve donated a load of cards to the local charity shop,
so at least they won,t be wasted.
That was my good deed for the day.

So until tomorrow

jens xx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Easel Delights

Hi there everyone
I hope you are still enjoying the fabulous weather, 
really hot here in yorkshire.

I was really looking forward to yesterdays shows on Create and Craft
by Jayne Nestorenko.
The first show was really good and it was great to
 see her back on the tv.
The second show was a bit of a shock as they said 
she was poorly but thankfully she managed to
return to the show.
So hopefully she is much better today.

I just love the summer adorable images and cd it
was a shame to miss out on some demos,
 but just hoping all is well.
So get well soon Jayne.

Now for todays card.

I made this card from a Spellbinders die and made it
into an easel card.
I added faux stitching around the edge
and as you might have noticed I have 
made a few cards with this die.

My motto is , if its not broken why fix it !!

The decoupage was bought from QVC many moons ago.
I also added some flower decoupage to the side
to add another element to it, 
as I,m not too keen on white space!!

I hope you ,ve had a great weekend and enjoying the weather.

until tomorrow 

jens xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer Flowers

Hi there everyone
Wow what a warm day it was yesterday
and I still cooked the traditional Sunday dinner!!

I must have been mad, but we all enjoyed it.

Today's card is a nice summery one.

 I have used some nice fresh looking gingham backing paper.
The flowers are a decoupage Cd part constructed for you.

The sentiments were also from the sheet.
So I just added some ribbon and that was it really!!
A simple card but also a cute card too. 
Its an 8x8 in size so it will hopefully
go down well with whoever gets it.

I,m so pleased to see

 Jayne Nestorenko

 is on Create and Craft today at 2pm and 6pm.

I,m so looking forward to watching her shows, as Jayne 
was the one who inspired me to craft in the first place.

So if you need any inspiration or just watching
some something interesting, join her there at 2pm.

You never know we might even get our emails read out!!

until tomorrow 


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Cute Cats

Hi there crafter's

I,m a little late today with my post
but better late than never!

Today's easel card is again using the same spellbinder die,
I just love this shape as an easel.

I,ve used gingham backing paper to keep it fresh looking.
the slightly darker blue matt helps to make it pop!

The decoupage is from a Joanna Sheen CD 
I think as it was made up a while ago.
It's so cute though isn,t it?

Just a short post today as it's too nice 
to be inside .
The sun is shinning yet again today
so enjoy your day.

until tomorrow

jens xxx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Paper Flowers

Hi there crafter's 
Another day of sunshine is forecast for today
 and indeed over the weekend.
How lucky are we, I hope you all get chance
to enjoy it while it lasts.

Today's card is a square one!
and its not an easel!!
I hope you are all sitting down to read this
as it is unheard of with not being a shaped card.

It is a large one though, an 8 x 8. 

Its backed onto gingham paper in a lovely fresh yellow, 
with matching sentiments .
The decoupage is not too high  but still gives the realistic look.
I hope !!

A simple but hopefully stylish card.
Inside i,ve continued with the gingham feel.

Around the white base layer I haver added some silver
peel off waste to break up the white space.

Another card ready for my 'just in case ' box.
At least it wasn,t Christmas haha.

until tomorrow 
 enjoy the sunshine

jens xx

Friday, 25 May 2012

Cute Christmas

Hi there crafter's

Another beautiful warm and sunny day.
Well into the top 24-26 degrees, phewww!!

I did manage to finish this card I started the other day.

I have used a Spellbinder die to make the easel card base.

The Illusion Glitter Girls embossing board for the ribbon stopper.
I love using the ribbon as a stopper,
 I think it works really well.

The backing card with the script is from a pick and mix
at the Doncaster craft show last year.

The Image is from a decoupage sheet,
I think they were the 'Moorheads' range.
So cute and I think it suits this shape of card.
 I hope you agree.

The white polka dot embossed card was done with
a embossing folder in my grand calibur.

I think one of my great nieces will be getting this card, 
so I will need to make two more similar ones to keep them all alike.
I love making christmas cards
, so its not a problem.

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine yesterday 
and will do the same again today.

until tomorrow 

jens xx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Christmas in May!!

Hi there everybody
What a beautiful day, 28 degrees here in Goole 
still 23 degrees at 6pm, good eh!!
Long may it last.

So then,
 today I am sharing with you a Christmas card!
Yeah I know!
 not the sort of card you would have expected
to see today is it.
But as always I like to be different.

For this card I have used an X Cut die
and made an easel card.
It difficult to see on this photo but the white
card is embossed with Christmas greetings.

I just love the red and white contrast and its really seasonal.

The ribbon bow adds that finishing touch as a stopper
and a card candi  as an accent at the front.
When I decide who is getting this card
I will add their name in coloured peel offs
onto the front section.

I hope you enjoy the sunshine again today
and manage to fit in some crafting at some point.

until tomorrow

jens xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Paintbox Poppet's

Hi there crafter's

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday,
let's hope today is as nice and warm.
I hope you all managed to get out and enjoy it,

 crafting outside is great as long as there isn,t a breeze.

Today's card is from The Paintbox Poppet's CD 
from Crafter's Companion.
The images are so lovely, don,t you agree.

The easel card is already done on the CD for you,
but as always I decided to add more to it.

I,m really loving this style of card at the moment.
Can you tell!!
Even the card candi and faux stitching are making
a return visit.

I,ve added some decoupage to it for dimension
as i don,t like flat cards,
 shame about the postage costs though.
No t sure who this is for yet but it will make a good standby.

Hope you have a great day with lots of sunshine.

until tomorrow

jens xxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Triple Delight

Hello there crafter's 

Today I am sharing a set of three cards I made
using a similar theme.
I used a spellbinder die for the card base 
and created a fold at the top.
No not an easel in sight!!

I was using up some decoupage that I have had made 
up for quite a while now and I,ve finally got round to using them .

I,ve added faux stitching round the edges to 
give interest and some card candi on a couple of them.

I,m quite keen on the shape of this card 
especially as an easel.

I must make an easel card tomorrow
otherwise I will get withdrawal symptoms!!

until then 

jens xxxx

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Summer Adorable's

Hi there everyone

Today I am sharing with you a card we made at
Jayne Nestorenko's workshop last year.

Its a lovely card and we all enjoyed making it.
It's a stepper card using elements from
The Summer Adorables CD 
and the corresponding stamps.

The backing papers are gorgeous and are so useable
for any project and I have used them many times since.
The girl and the door are from the gardening collection.

I think this little girl is so adorable and realistic, 
holding a posy of flowers and surrounded by other flowers.

Jayne demonstrated colouring techniques along 
with other things and we had a really enjoyable day.

We are going again in three weeks time and I can,t wait
to meet up with all our crafting buddies.
My son Darren is also coming, as he crafts every now
and again and loves meeting Jayne.

Can,t wait to see what we will be making as it says
on her website that we will be working with 
her latest designs!! so intriguing!!

so enjoy your day with plenty of crafting time I hope .

until tomorrow

jens xxx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Heart Shaped Easel Tutorial

Hi everyone today I,m going to 
share with you a Heart shaped easel tutorial.
I,ve been asked quite afew times how I made this card.
It is my own design and can be done using any shape.

First take a heart shape (available on google images)
and place so top part is hanging over the edge of the folded card.
This enables the card to fold and gives a base to attach the full shape to.

Draw around it and cut out through both layers.

Decide where you want the easel to sit and score approx half way down the shape.

Then draw around and cut out another full heart shape.
Place glue on the flap.

Then take the full heart shape, line up and stick in place.

Next you need to decorate the heart shapes with a decorative paper.
draw around a slightly smaller shape and cut out.
Glue to heart shapes, cutting top of inside paper.

Put this to one side and choose the bottom shape.
Cut out one shape and a smaller layer paper layer and glue together.

Then taking the heart easel line up in the centre of the base shape.
Glue the heart into place.

and from a different angle .

Then choose the shape of the stopper.
 draw around the shape in card and a smaller
paper layer to decorate.

Glue together and then glue into place on the base
 card making sure that the heart sits back nicely.

Here it shows how it sits nicely.

There you go one heart easel based card
 Hope you enjoy having a go yourself.

Just add decoupage , a sentiment and a verse on the underside.

This card took me 30 minutes to make
 as well as taking the pictures at the same time.

until tomorrow 

jens xx

Friday, 18 May 2012

World of Beatrix Potter

 Hello there

Today I am sharing a card I made for 
a friends little boy.
Its from one of the Beatrix  Potter CDs
from Crafter's Companion.

In fact I,m not quite sure if this was the free 
download on the launch of this collection.
To be honest I can,t remember it was so long ago now.
Either way its a lovely design with it
 being an invertage , with a decoupage
 character on the inside and the outer edges.

I,ve used card candi and peel off waste down the left edge
and it opens from the left.
I have to admit to this being made
before my easel craze!!

So easy to make and much easier to explain
(as one of my new facebook friends will confirm!!)

So I hope you are having a good week and 
making the most of this slightly better weather.
So until tomorrow
Have a great day.

Jens xx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Grand Day Out

Hi everybody
Sorry no card to show you today
as I,ve had a grand day out, as the saying goes.

We went for a ride out to Bridlington, on the east coast
in East Yorkshire for those of you who arn,t
from this area.
It is a lovely clean seaside resort with a blue flag beach,
as you can see from this picture.

I have to say it was very quiet , not many people about at all.
We could have parked anywhere, which is very unusual.

The sea was as calm as a mill pond , so we 
decided to go out on the pirate ship, and I don,t do water!!

This is a view looking back to shore
 as we had just come out of the harbour.

It was only £1 each can you believe that , its usually £3 each
bargain of the day, really enjoyable too.

My son Darren doing the titanic pose!!

Heading back to the harbour with the famous Spa, the
 white building on the far left.

Here we are coming back into the harbour
 with the ' Yorkshire Belle' 
waiting to go out. The tide was just about at its highest point,
with the fishing boats going in and out.

Here we are nearly back at the berth and this is 
looking across the harbour and over to the south side of Bridlington.

A few more clouds had appeared, but still calm as
you can see by the water, still as a pond.

So a great day was had by all.
I hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did .

until tomorrow

jens xx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tea for Two

Hi there crafter's 

Today I am sharing a Teapot that I made for
my parents golden wedding anniversary 6 years ago.
Its still there going strong, pity my mum's not there to see it.

Its a Card Carousel template and includes a display box.
I searched hard for photos to put on the sides as
I wanted to show all our immediate family.

Here it  shows my son Darren when he was about 3 years old.
Oh my god thats 16 years ago!!
The other one is of my parents themselves.

This side shows my brother, which was taken at my sons
Christening party, that was 19 years ago!
to the left is my neice, his daughter Sam.

Again my son from a different angle and a quick glimpse
of me and my first ever puppy Max..
He was 8 weeks old here and I was 25, literally half my age now!!
Oh my this is getting worse
, half my weight as well I might add!! lol

This is how it is displayed on their dresser.
 Each time I go I used to turn it around to different pictures,
then my mum would notice and turn it back.
Then I would turn  it again to see if she noticed.
Now it just stays like this, 
especially after being dusted!!

thanks for the memories.

until tomorrow 


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hotrod Classic

Hi there crafter's

Three days in a row we,ve had sunshine now
and out of the wind yesterday it was 18 degrees here.
So very nice, thank you very much, we,ll have some more of that please!

So I have been busy making a few men's cards
as we have a few birthdays coming up soon.

This one is from a Funkyhands CD 
and comes in  the form of a decoupage sheet already
prepared for you and the backing sheet to match.
Very handy for a quick card.

It actually reminds me of my dads Ford Pop
without the flame flash that is.
It was a similar shape and was black.
I loved that car and we were lucky enough to go
all over in it and it cost the pricely sum of £30.
And was resold years later for £25.
How amazing is that, if only it was nowadays,
instead of needing another mortgage to purchase one!
Oh well never mind, lovely memories.

So lets hope the sun will grace us again today,

until tomorrow

jens xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Humerous Nurse 

Hi there crafter's

We,ve now had two sunny days in a row now,
so does that mean its summer!!

Too nice to be inside crafting , so I have
made full advantage of the lovely weather.
So today I am sharing a card I made
a few weeks away.

It was for a friend who is a nurse with a great sense
of humour, hence the topic!

Guess what she's 50, did you guess!!

She loved the card and thought it was really funny.
So another satisfied customer.

Not sure what I,ll be showing tomorrow,
 pop by to see.

until tomorrow.

jens xx