Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tea for Two

Hi there crafter's 

Today I am sharing a Teapot that I made for
my parents golden wedding anniversary 6 years ago.
Its still there going strong, pity my mum's not there to see it.

Its a Card Carousel template and includes a display box.
I searched hard for photos to put on the sides as
I wanted to show all our immediate family.

Here it  shows my son Darren when he was about 3 years old.
Oh my god thats 16 years ago!!
The other one is of my parents themselves.

This side shows my brother, which was taken at my sons
Christening party, that was 19 years ago!
to the left is my neice, his daughter Sam.

Again my son from a different angle and a quick glimpse
of me and my first ever puppy Max..
He was 8 weeks old here and I was 25, literally half my age now!!
Oh my this is getting worse
, half my weight as well I might add!! lol

This is how it is displayed on their dresser.
 Each time I go I used to turn it around to different pictures,
then my mum would notice and turn it back.
Then I would turn  it again to see if she noticed.
Now it just stays like this, 
especially after being dusted!!

thanks for the memories.

until tomorrow 


1 comment:

Andree said...

That's an amazing project, how lovely that it's stood the test of time x