Saturday, 31 March 2012

Christening Day

Well what wonderful weather we are having but I,ve been 
told its going to change over the weekend but I hope not.

Today's card is a Christening card I made for a neighbour. 
It was a while ago because i,ve been enjoying the sun too much to craft!!
I know I,m sorry, can,t promise I won,t do it again though!!!!

I have used decoupage from a Cd and it is so lovely for a Christening.
Do you know when I worked in Riverside crafts I could have told you the name 
of just about everything, but now the names just evade me.
Yes I know it's an age thing.

I used some heart ribbon that I bought at our local Boyes store,
used an embossing board for the sentiment and layered it up on foam pads.
Card candi makes its usual visit to just give the corner a little bit of something.

The backing paper was also in the pack of decoupage and the name still evades 
me i think it was doolicraft range.

It was my son,s 19th birthday yesterday which we really enjoyed,
having a family get together at a local carvery and we really enjoyed the day.

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing.
Until tomorrow

jens xx

Friday, 30 March 2012

Beach Tags

Today,s post is a quick one because yesterday I was  too 
busy enjoying the sunshine to do any crafting!

shock!! horror!!

I know I promise to behave tomorrow.

To make these tags I have used the Magnolia  Doo Hickey tag die
which I absolutely love.
 I,ve added some faux stitching around the edge
 and I intend to mount them onto a darker blue background
 to make the lighter blue pop out.

I didn,t stamp direct, I stamped, coloured and then cut out
as I am a decoupager at heart.

These are from my favourite ever stamp collection of Jayne's
the Beach set, just lovely.

Told you it was short and sweet today.
I hope you,ve managed to enjoy the brilliant weather.

until tomorrow 

jens xx

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Summer Love

Hi there crafter's

Today's card is yet another easel card, but then
 you wouldn,t expect any other from me now would you!?!

I have used Labels four, die from Spellbinders and distressed the edges
with  a memento green but forgotten the name of it. 
I should really check before I write these shouldn't I.
Note to self.... make notes of products used...

There that's better.

The design is from Joanna Sheen's  Faye Whittaker's CD
The images are just stunning and can be used for numerous occasions.
I,ve used it without the base image, as I have used this elsewhere
and I liked the look of the green gingham behind it. I think it makes it look fresh
and gives it a different look.

As you may have noticed I'm a rebel
 who likes to change things to be different.

I,ve added some small real shells to give it some texture
and the obligitory! card candi.

I hope you agree its a nice summery fresh looking card
that most people (I hope !) would love to receive.

So until tomorrow, enjoy the sunshine if it continues

jens xx

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A glorious day

Well isn,t this weather wonderful, bring it on!

So today I,m sharing a 25th Wedding Anniversary card
I made for a friends family member.

I used the Treasured Memories embossing board
 from the Glitter Girls.
 I just love using these boards they can be so adatable.
As you can guess I made an easel card and turned the shape onto its side.

The backing papers are from a Cardcreation plus CD 
a lovely silver looking back ground with pearls on it.
The decoupage sheet is a craft creation one
 that I have used on numerous occasions,
 i,ve still got a couple left, as i  like to keep a couple in just in case.

The hearts and the banner shape are also from the same board
and are so useful for embellishments on any card.

I used peel offs to add their names and sentiment,
 with the verse being placed on the underneath.

another happy customer.

until tomorrow

jens xx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Garden Display

The sun was so lovely yesterday that these flower tubs jumped out at me.
They just wanted to be on a card!,
 the sun must have got to me more than I thought !! he he

I,ve kept it fairly simple

keeping to white with touches of navy.
The card is edged with faux stitching to break up the whiteness.
A ribbon bow at the top to add a more feminine touch 
and card candi to balance it.

I used grande labels four? to cut the card base
and surprisingly it,s not an easel,
 although the other six I made at the same time were, ha ha!

The decoupage sheets were bought from a local craft shop 
and had no company name on them so I can,t say whose they are, sorry.
But i wish I knew because I love them. 
So if you can put me out of my misery please email me.

This card  was sent to a very good friend for her birthday,
 so I hope she likes it.

I,m hoping the sun shines again today like it did yesterday.
 I need it to cheer me up as I have an hospital appointment first thing tomorrow.
 The outcome after many tests, I,m hoping I,ll still be smiling when I come home.

So here,s to a good day , take care and I,ll see you tomorrow.
until then

jens xx

Monday, 26 March 2012


Wow what a beautiful day I,ve been out sitting
 in the garden enjoying the sunshine.
 There's have been loads of ladybirds nearly everywhere I turned,
are they a sign of a good summer??

I hope you,ve also had a good day wherever you are .

So inspired by the garden I,ve made an Apron style card
and used Helene, one of Jayne's Patchwork Polly stamps.

The card base I drew free hand around a Creative Expression
wood mounted stamp.
 It was the first ever stamp I bought from Create and Craft,
 long before I was a member.
It still comes out and is used on a regular basis for both men and ladies cards.

I tried to stay with greens and golds to keep it light and summery.
Not sure whose going to get this as yet,
 but I,m sure it will come in for somebody soon.

If anybody is interested in buying any 
of the cards i post please feel free to email me.
 I charge £3 including p&p.
Some cards I post will be spoken for,but others are up for grabs.
Just let me know.

The colouring I did ages ago
 when the stamps first came out using Promarkers.
 One of the first I did,
 so not as good as it could be!!
They,ve only just been made up into a card.

I do use other stamps but these ones just seem to come
out time and time again and I,m not complaining.

Tomorrow I will share some of the tags I have been making.
So until tomorrow.

jens xx

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Happy Sunday

Did you miss the extra hour in bed? I did!
I love the light nights and warmer days,
 but not so keen on loosing an hours sleep!!

Today's card is what I made for my dads birthday at the beginning of march.
It seems so far away already, at this rate it will be
Christmas again soon. That's what I,ve been doing today
 but I won,t traumatise you too much, but watch this space.

Anyway back to today's card.

I have used the Beach Scene from Summer Adorables CD
 as the background for this card.
which I cut up into strips and added faux stitching,
 which is a fad of mine at the minute.

The backing papers I found oddments in my box that
 were just the right size and of course card candi to finish it off.
Along with some real shells.
 He loved it and has saved it which is nice.

Here it is from the side view, to show the dimension of the easel.

They give it to be warm today so let's hope they are right for once.

Have a great day and I,ll see you tomorrow.

until then

jens xx

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Morning Crafter's

Here as promised is the other card that I entered
 into a Crafter's Companion competition.

This one is also in one of the galleries on Crafter's website.
This one is using the Cute Companions range from
the fabulous Jayne Nestorenko.

I think it was for a competition but as I,ve slept since then 
I can,t remember exactly what it was.
 I,m getting terrible. It must be an age thing.
I,m past the.... life begins at... , but it still ends in a nought!!
ha ha and that's all I,m admitting to !

I decided to do a double spring easel card , of course!!!,
 if you read my other posts you,ll know why!

To tie them both together, so that they didn,t look disjointed.
I used some thread and hung over the jacket stamp
 to make them look likes towels drying.
Also with some of the bunting also from the CD, but a different scene.

I like to mix and match as it makes
 what you,ve got, go so much further.

So until tomorrow 
enjoy the rest of your weekend

jens xx

Friday, 23 March 2012

Crafter's Competition 

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you the card I made for 
 Crafter's Companion 6th Birthday competition .

I used the lovely Humphrey CD decoupage section
and the octagon template all from the CD.

I made it into an easel, surprise , surprise. I,m thinking of doing a book

Jen's Easy Easel's

Do you think it would take off?

Here it is from a side view so that you can see the dimension 
a little bit better.

To make it qualify i tried to keep to using all the components from the disc.
the backing papaers, alphabets, decoupage, verse etc etc .
Then added my own little twist to it. 

I was quite pleased with it and it's now on their gallery page.
I have two on there now, the other is a card made with Jayne's CD.

I will share that one with you tomorrow.

So I hope you enjoyed the sunshine and your day.

until tomorrow,

jens xx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thank You

Just a quick post to say Thank you to everyone for 
visiting my new ish! blog.

A big thank you to Sue Knight who is now my fourth follower.

Glad to know you are all there and I,m not just talking to myself.
I,m hoping to get a comments section soon but not too
sure how to do that as yet.
 so please feel free to email me or link via facebook.
I would love to visit your blogs too.

until tomorrow 

jens xx
In The Garden

Hi there. What a lovely day it was yesterday
the sun makes such a difference to how we feel,
 or it does me anyway!
It inspired me to make this card.

Today's card is one I particularly like.
 Some cards just seem to gel and this one just came together
quite quickly once I,d decided on the style.
Its a card style I saw on t.v. yesterday as card bases
 and I thought I can do that. So I did!!

Its a smaller version though as its an A6 size not A5 as on t.v.
I personally like the style as I like unusual shapes
. It may even become a new favourite,
 but then its already an easel!

This shows it from the side to show the dimension a little better.

It folds down flat to fit into a standard sized envelope making it easy to post,
 or a nice box would be nice if giving by hand.

I have used Jayne Nestorenko's Summer Adorable stamps to make this card, 
 using the girl from the garden set, also
the flowers, frog, butterfly and seed packet,
 oh yes and the watering can.

I,ve used the Doo Hickey Tag Die to add something different
and to give the card some height.
I tried to keep the colours to blue, pink and a little green.
 I hope you agree it works quite well.

Jayne has a lot of cards in her website gallery.
 If you need any inspiration why not take a peek at

 I have and there are some really lovely cards.
This range is my most favourite of them all.
although the beach collection is my favourite, favourite!

Hope you have all have  a good day and the sun continues to shine
on us crafter's.

until tomorrow

jens xxx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Variation On a Theme

I enjoyed doing yesterday's card so much I decided to 
do a variation on a theme.
I love navy and white together, I think they compliment each other really well.

I have used Kathy's tip of punching out the embossed dots, just love that effect.
So simple but extremely effective.
 I,ve also raised the white layer up on 3D pads to give it some added dimension
and added my favourite embellishment, card candi.
This photo doesn,t really show all the dimension in the card,
 but true to form its an easel card. ha ha .

 I'd get withdrawal symptoms if I went more than a day or so without making one.
Its a good job I made one then isn,t it!!??!!

Did you spot the deliberate mistake?

The hole at the bottom is slightly out of line, but then no ones perfect!

Not sure what I,ll be making tomorrow, stop by to see.
Thanks for calling
until tomorrow

jens xxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Good Morning blogger's

Here's a card I played about with yesterday ,again I used the
 Fanciful Embossing Board.

For anybody who doesn,t own a Grand Calibur ,Bigshot etc.
these boards make an affordable alternative.
Used together with your favourite decoupage sheets or CD rom
they can still achieve a professional  finish. In my opinion!

I have used the gingham papers from one of Jayne Nestorenko;s CD's
but any background paper would work in this way..
The decoupage was purchased already glittered about five years ago,
so as you might have guessed, I,m not sure whose it is.

I,m trying to use up some of my oddments and older products
that I have put away to use later and instead they just got buried in a big pile.
So I am on  a mission to have a bit of a clear out, 
but in a productive way.

I have used card candi to add some extra interest. I just love these and so cheap too.
I don,t know if you,ve seen the new colours with stripes, awesome!!

Hope you enjoyed my card, look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
until then

jens xx

Monday, 19 March 2012

Peter Rabbit Card

Peter Rabbit Card

I hope everyone had a relaxing Mother's Day.
 I had my dinner cooked for me and the washing up done as well.

PLEASE can it be Mother's Day everyday?
I did say please!

I hope you are sitting down as today's card is a straight edged one, unknown usually for me.
I have used this really cute image of Peter Rabbit from the decoupage 
section of a Crafters Companion CD.
The backing papers also came from the Cd and the sentiments are from some
Do-crafts die cut sheets.

It was a commissioned card for a neighbours nephew who was  delighted with it.
I hope you like it too.

If anyone would like to comment on my cards or leave me a message, 
please feel free to email me .
 At the moment I,m struggling to get the comment button onto my blog.
 So I added my email address above to make up for it.

so until next time

jens xx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Cute Bench

Happy Mother's Day 
to all you lovely mums out there.

Yesterday was a hectic day road testing mobility scooter's!
Not for myself I hasten to add, but it,s a long story
 and was a bit of a farce.

 We were trying to get this scooter over a footbridge which the 
local council in their wisdom have placed barriers on it.
Its mainly to stop people from riding bikes , but it also impacts on the less able.
It took us ages just to get through the first set and then he decided to reverse back out .
Well you can just imagine how that went!!

Needless to say we are getting a smaller one, 
so ladies and gents regardless of what other people say
.... size does matter!!

This bench is just what I needed by the time we'd finished. 
We did manage to get sorted though so that's the main thing.

Well  now onto today's card.
With this shaped one I adapted an oval shape and cut a bit out at the bottom to give it interest.
The scene comes from Jayne Nestorenko's Summer Stories CD I think!
I decoupaged the bench and used some 3d flowers from a My Craft Studio CD.
The sentiment is from a boxed set I bought from QVC years and years ago,
 but could be easily made with peel off's or rubber stamps.

To make it stand I,ve made a bracket which allows it to stand independently.
 The verse is also on this section.
 A s I,ve said before I love doing different shaped cards,
although for a change  tomorrows card is a standard A5 shape.
 Its from a while ago which is probably why its got straight edges!!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,
take care until tomorrow

jens xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fanciful Embossed Book

Hi crafter's 
I actually got to craft something yesterday, well two things in fact.
The first I can,t show you just yet, as its a get well card for my friend
and I don,t want them to see it on here first.

The second card I made is the one above.
 I have to say this is a third attempt.
Mainly because it didn,t look right with a silver mirri base.
 So I changed it and added a deep purple background. 
This helped to make the other layers pop out.

I then kept changing the positioning of the butterflies
 so that it was more balanced.So now I am happy with it.

 A friend taught me to keep going back until you are truely happy with it.
If it doesn,t feel right it probably isn,t.
 Before I would be happy to let it go regardless,
 now I,m more of a perfectionist. I,ll keep altering it until I think it works on all levels.
Which I believe this now does, hope you do too!!

What have you made today??

enjoy your day
until tomorrow 

jens xx

Friday, 16 March 2012

There's something fishy about this card!!

The fish image is from  a Joanna Sheen CD
 for the life of me I can.t remember which one!!
It might be a Jayne Netley Mayhew.
 I used to be able to tell you where most images were from .
 Nowadays I struggle to remember, but then in 
my  defence I do have a lot more CDs.

Well I did make it in January for an elderly male friend. 
He.s in his 70's and used to keep fish until a few years ago, 
so I thought that this image would do nicely.Thank you very much!!

Arn,t the backing papers lovely and realistic although I have used them with
characters as well, as I just love the colours.
I,m a brown and beige girl. I always have been.
 When I was in my teens, many moons ago!!
 my whole wardrobe consisted of brown and beige, nothing else!!
I have discovered more colours as I have got older. ha ha!!

It was a very simple card to make but I think it 's quite effective, 
well he like d it anyway!!

Tomorrow I am going to show you a card I made today using
the Glitter Girls new Fanciful embossing board .
So until tomorrow,
 enjoy your day

jens xx

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Butterfly Card

I made this card a while ago now  using one of the 
Glitter Girls embossing boards.
They are so easy to use and the layers are already worked out for you.
I never hardly use the stoppers as I find they can waste a lot of card.
Once you,ve used the boards a few times it becomes
easy to place the card directly over the part you want to emboss.
 As long as you hold the card in place you will have no problems.
 As with anything practice makes perfect.

The decoupage I bought from the shop I worked in but I can,t remember 
whose it was. I,m not much help today am I  ??
It could have been a Reddy design so Crafter's Companion may have them
as I believe they do there products now.

If you sit the card crease in line with the two dips at the top , then don,t
cut away the hollows you keep the shape and it still opens.
 I found it works well to leave the antennae attached
 as well at the top, which helps to give
it a full visual effect.

I hope today is going to be warmer than yesterday and no more mist or fog.
enjoy your day, see you tomorrow.

jens xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Hi there blogger's

Today's card is one I made late last year
for an elderly friends birthday.
She loves bright colours and daisies.
So this card was ideal, don,t you just love 
Popcorn,he's so cute. The yellow really makes
the card stand out, but not too in your face.
I hope !!

A friend gave me a template she made
 to look like a sunburst,
 which I have used to get a different effect.
 I think it works quite well.
Thanks ANN.

I have also used the corresponding backing paper
from the Popcorn CD.

Since the sun has been shinning nicely over
the last few days I thought this card would
continue in that theme, as its so bright!

Tomorrow I hope to start organising my stamps.
Do you ever go to buy a stamp and then 
when you arrive home you find you,ve already got it!!
I,ve done this on a few occasions.
So my idea is to stamp the images out into
some form of book as a visual reference.
Yes i know!!
 I will be stamping forever,
 but somebody has to do it!!???!!

Until tomorrow

jens xx