Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Good Morning Camper's , oooop's I mean crafter's

I hope your all enjoying this lovely sunny weather we are having at the moment.
Is it too warm to craft?
 Its never too anything to craft!
Don,t you agree??

This is something I made just before Christmas to give some of my 
friends for a little keepsake card/ gift.
As you can see my favourite card style has been used. 
I find them so easy to do and so versatile.
Easy to use with your CD's or stamped images.

With this one I decided to turn it into a calendar, so it could 
be used the whole year through.
The colours I chose are nice and summery so making it easier 
to leave out all year.

The decoupage sheet is taken from the Big One CD  from Inklined.
They were originally individual sheets, but are now included on the CD.
Which is obviously a good way to do it , so they can be printed
out as many times as you like, and we do!!
As crafter's you can never have too many of anything.
 I know you all agree with me on that one!!

until tomorrow

jens xx