Saturday, 17 March 2012

Fanciful Embossed Book

Hi crafter's 
I actually got to craft something yesterday, well two things in fact.
The first I can,t show you just yet, as its a get well card for my friend
and I don,t want them to see it on here first.

The second card I made is the one above.
 I have to say this is a third attempt.
Mainly because it didn,t look right with a silver mirri base.
 So I changed it and added a deep purple background. 
This helped to make the other layers pop out.

I then kept changing the positioning of the butterflies
 so that it was more balanced.So now I am happy with it.

 A friend taught me to keep going back until you are truely happy with it.
If it doesn,t feel right it probably isn,t.
 Before I would be happy to let it go regardless,
 now I,m more of a perfectionist. I,ll keep altering it until I think it works on all levels.
Which I believe this now does, hope you do too!!

What have you made today??

enjoy your day
until tomorrow 

jens xx