Sunday, 18 March 2012

Cute Bench

Happy Mother's Day 
to all you lovely mums out there.

Yesterday was a hectic day road testing mobility scooter's!
Not for myself I hasten to add, but it,s a long story
 and was a bit of a farce.

 We were trying to get this scooter over a footbridge which the 
local council in their wisdom have placed barriers on it.
Its mainly to stop people from riding bikes , but it also impacts on the less able.
It took us ages just to get through the first set and then he decided to reverse back out .
Well you can just imagine how that went!!

Needless to say we are getting a smaller one, 
so ladies and gents regardless of what other people say
.... size does matter!!

This bench is just what I needed by the time we'd finished. 
We did manage to get sorted though so that's the main thing.

Well  now onto today's card.
With this shaped one I adapted an oval shape and cut a bit out at the bottom to give it interest.
The scene comes from Jayne Nestorenko's Summer Stories CD I think!
I decoupaged the bench and used some 3d flowers from a My Craft Studio CD.
The sentiment is from a boxed set I bought from QVC years and years ago,
 but could be easily made with peel off's or rubber stamps.

To make it stand I,ve made a bracket which allows it to stand independently.
 The verse is also on this section.
 A s I,ve said before I love doing different shaped cards,
although for a change  tomorrows card is a standard A5 shape.
 Its from a while ago which is probably why its got straight edges!!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,
take care until tomorrow

jens xx