Sunday, 25 March 2012

Happy Sunday

Did you miss the extra hour in bed? I did!
I love the light nights and warmer days,
 but not so keen on loosing an hours sleep!!

Today's card is what I made for my dads birthday at the beginning of march.
It seems so far away already, at this rate it will be
Christmas again soon. That's what I,ve been doing today
 but I won,t traumatise you too much, but watch this space.

Anyway back to today's card.

I have used the Beach Scene from Summer Adorables CD
 as the background for this card.
which I cut up into strips and added faux stitching,
 which is a fad of mine at the minute.

The backing papers I found oddments in my box that
 were just the right size and of course card candi to finish it off.
Along with some real shells.
 He loved it and has saved it which is nice.

Here it is from the side view, to show the dimension of the easel.

They give it to be warm today so let's hope they are right for once.

Have a great day and I,ll see you tomorrow.

until then

jens xx