Monday, 12 March 2012

Cute Card

Hello again, here as promised is a card I made recently
for a friend's birthday.

I used Jayne Nestorenko's CD from the Cute Companions range.
I think that one is called Summer Stories.
I tend to print a lot of the sheets out when I first get a disc
 and then forget exactly which disc it is from. 

My mission at the moment is to use up some of my sheets from all my cd's,
 then only print as needed. 
Whether that's possible is another matter. 
They are so lovely its a case of knowing when to stop
, but I,m sure I,m not on my own on that one, am I ??

For this card I chose not to use the characters which were
 designed to work as a collection and  have  used the gates differently
 to how they were designed , but then I usually like to change things.
So that even though we may be using the same sheets, 
we will end up with something unique.

As you will probably notice over the days and weeks
 to come is that I like shaped cards.
I rarely make a straight edged card ,my absolute  favourite being the easel

So watch this space , you,ll spot many starting with tomorrows card/gift.

So until tomorrow, enjoy the sunshine and have a great day.

jens xx