Friday, 16 March 2012

There's something fishy about this card!!

The fish image is from  a Joanna Sheen CD
 for the life of me I can.t remember which one!!
It might be a Jayne Netley Mayhew.
 I used to be able to tell you where most images were from .
 Nowadays I struggle to remember, but then in 
my  defence I do have a lot more CDs.

Well I did make it in January for an elderly male friend. 
He.s in his 70's and used to keep fish until a few years ago, 
so I thought that this image would do nicely.Thank you very much!!

Arn,t the backing papers lovely and realistic although I have used them with
characters as well, as I just love the colours.
I,m a brown and beige girl. I always have been.
 When I was in my teens, many moons ago!!
 my whole wardrobe consisted of brown and beige, nothing else!!
I have discovered more colours as I have got older. ha ha!!

It was a very simple card to make but I think it 's quite effective, 
well he like d it anyway!!

Tomorrow I am going to show you a card I made today using
the Glitter Girls new Fanciful embossing board .
So until tomorrow,
 enjoy your day

jens xx