Monday, 12 March 2012

Good morning crafter's.
Firstly I would like to thank Shanda and Ian and Isobel for following my blog.

Today I thought I,d continue on a similar theme and show how I've 
organised my embossing folders.

I followed the same principle as with the die cuts. Placing them in cut down A4 clear wallets,
labelling them with the name, manufacturer etc, as with the dies.
They are in the back part of the box I shared with you yesterday.

 So that I had a copy of each one, I embossed each design on card and then hung them
on a large book ring. So easy to look through and choose the one you want.

I have to say I didn't realise I had to many, but I kept finding them in different places!!
as you do!! So now at least they are all organised and in one place.
I,m going to meet myself coming back if I get too organised.
  Somehow I don,t think that will happen. 
Ha ha!

I even remembered to label them on the back 
so I know which one it is without having to guess.

uurrmmm!! now then what shall i organise next!!

oopp's just realised I promised a card today.
So take a peak later and I'll see what I can find to show you.
bye for now.
Have a great day, hopefully the sun will shine again.

jens xx