Thursday, 15 March 2012

Butterfly Card

I made this card a while ago now  using one of the 
Glitter Girls embossing boards.
They are so easy to use and the layers are already worked out for you.
I never hardly use the stoppers as I find they can waste a lot of card.
Once you,ve used the boards a few times it becomes
easy to place the card directly over the part you want to emboss.
 As long as you hold the card in place you will have no problems.
 As with anything practice makes perfect.

The decoupage I bought from the shop I worked in but I can,t remember 
whose it was. I,m not much help today am I  ??
It could have been a Reddy design so Crafter's Companion may have them
as I believe they do there products now.

If you sit the card crease in line with the two dips at the top , then don,t
cut away the hollows you keep the shape and it still opens.
 I found it works well to leave the antennae attached
 as well at the top, which helps to give
it a full visual effect.

I hope today is going to be warmer than yesterday and no more mist or fog.
enjoy your day, see you tomorrow.

jens xx