Sunday, 11 March 2012


Hi there today is yet another glorious day.
 So I thought I would do my post early so that I could enjoy the sunshine.

Here as promised is how I have been spending my time this last week or so.
Trust me this takes a while and at times I wondered why I,d even started this,
 but it is well worth all the effort.
I can now find each die as needed which saves loads of time searching, YOU know what I mean!

First of all i cut in half some A4 clear wallets. The ones that are used in ring binders.

I then added a piece of card to make them stand nicely in the box file.
I labelled each one with the name of the die,
 the name of the manufacturer.
Once they were all to this stage and placed in some sort of order. 
I then gave each wallet a number so that I could write an index sheet. 
That way I would know exactly what I have and where it is.Well that's the theory anyway!

Following that I decided I needed to cut each die out of card, so that I could play
with different shapes to design cards. 
This enabled me to cut down on waste of the more expensive card.

This again is VERY time consuming , but again a great asset to have once completed.
I wrote on each die cut the name of the die,
the manufacturer and which part of the set each one is.
Other wise I would have no idea which one it is and trust me that's why they are now named!!
This helps when laying two different die shapes together to see if they' work',
 again this cuts down on any waste.

As you can see some were easier to write on than others!

After that marathon I did  the same with my Grand Dies,
 am I a glutton for punishment or what!!!

Don't know about you but after all that I need a rest.
See you tomorrow. Hopefully I will have a card to share with you.

until tomorrow

jens xx