Thursday, 12 July 2012

Jennie's Drawer's

Hi there crafter's 

Here we are again with the wet and dull weather,
Oh when will it end ?

Today I am sharing a set of drawers I 
designed quite a while ago now.
I was just playing around and this is what I came up with.
Again rather basic as I look back at it now, 
but that's how we advance our techniques 
by learning a bit at a time.
If I made this again I would  use a shaped die for the base and top.
It would add more interest and allow more for 
extra matt and layering.

For the drawer handles I would use a large bead sewn on
and maybe add more layers to the sides, 
so that it doesn,t  look quite as plain as it does now.

Sometimes its a good idea to leave a project
for a while, and go back to it with fresh eyes
 although I have to admit two years
may be a little too long ! lol

I,m willing to learn from my mistakes , 
it helps when I make so many !lol.

The character on the side is Jennie 
from Jayne Nestorenko's
 Patchwork Polly range of stamps .
I have matted her on to a spellbinder die and faux matt.

I think I now need to make an updated version of this
and maybe make up some templates.

Watch this space !

until tomorrow 

jens xxx


caroline spice said...

This is just adorable. Well done :) x

jane stillman said...

A great project, look forward to the updated one x

Jan Ltc said...

Love this Jennie. xx Jan

Anonymous said...

ohhh lovely! Where did u get that templates from?