Monday, 2 July 2012

Geisha Fan Card 

Hi there crafter's

Today I,m sharing with you the two cards we made 
yesterday at Jayne's workshop down in Rugby.
Jayne said choose a colour card base !?!

How do you choose from all those stunning cards,
 it's tough being a crafter ! too many decisions to make , ha ha .

I,ll share some close up pictures later but my camera is playing up
now and the battery has run out.
I must have worn it out today!!

If you look carefully at the back row of cards,
on the left is a three tag card,
 which was the other lovely card that we made.

We,ve learnt some new tip and techniques from the lovely
Jayne and Helene.
Thank you to you both for all your hard work which helps us to have 
a really enjoyable day day , with lovely company.
How we managed to fit it all in beats me, 
but we do and the were some stunning cards made.

I hope everyone will share pictures of their cards with Jayne 
as she is going to set up a customer gallery.
How good would that be to have one of your cards
on Jayne's website or facebook page.

I,m thrilled to see my cards there and you can join us too.

We look forward to hearing from you.

until tomorrow 

jens xxx


Sylvia Anderson said...

I was gonna say Fantastic..... But i'll stick with Beautiful x

caroline spice said...

These are all beautiful xx

PatR said...

We had a great day and the cards and techniques were fabulous. Can't wait to see what projects you put on Jayne's website. xx

jane stillman said...

What a fantastic array, absolutely gorgeous x

emma goddard said...

great display of beautiful cards hun xx