Saturday, 7 July 2012

Morning crafter's

Sorry I haven, t posted a card for you to see today.
Yesterday we had a worrying time with 
localised flooding. 
The street just to the side of us and round the back were all 
flooding and we were out moving things and watching
what it was doing to be ready for action if needed.
Thankfully I can report that the fire brigade turned
up and finished pumping clear the road just after midnight.
Everything smells our toilet water is black, but thankfully 
everyone is safe , but lots of houses , mainly bungalows were 
affected so will be busy today, moving things and planning in case it happens again
and we arn,t has lucky .

So I hope you are all well, safe and dry.
I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow 
with a new post , all being well.
Thanks for looking 

jens xxx