Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Santa,s In Town

Here as promised is my finest achievement to date.

A 5ft  applique felt Santa.

It's another kit from Bucilla an American company
previously sold on Qvc.

I am slowly working my way through the many
kits I purchased from them.
It includes tree skirts, stockings, plaque, wreathes and even 
a toilet seat cover!! yes I know the mind boggles!!
I intend to make it into more of a plaque,
 being different as always!

He comes every year and stays around until the new year, 
with a tree full of prezzies, he looks very fitting.

I,m half way through making a tree skirt which I will
share with you when its complete.
Don,t hold your breathe mind
 as it may not happen for this Christmas.

But never say never!!

until tomorrow

jens xx