Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Good Memories

Hi there everyone thanks for visiting my blog.
Today;s card is one I made when I worked at Riverside Crafts
in Goole (which is now closed, unfortunately).

It was part of a display I was doing to promote the
 new Cute Companions Stamps and CD that were released for Christmas,
a year or so ago now.

      The card was made using a  Glitter Girls embossing board.
       The images are from Jayne's collection.

I found the photos while I was looking for an image I had lost.
It made me sad, but happy all at the same time as
I have fond memories of working there. 

Working in a craft shop, is there a better job!!??

From left to right
Tom (Shanda's son), Beth, Me & Shanda (shop owner)

Ahh the good old days!

until tomorrow

jens xx

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