Saturday, 14 April 2012

Christmas Crafting

Yes I know I will be traumatising some people 
but I,ve really enjoyed making quite a few Christmas cards
over the last couple of weeks.

These ones are spoken for and will keep a friend happy.
I don,t know about you but I find Christmas crafting so much easier
as the choice is more varied and suitable to wider audiences.

For this one I used an X Cut die and made it into an easel.
Is any shape safe!!!
no absolutely not, I can make an easel out of anything!
Now there,s a challenge!

The decoupage is from a Flowersoft CD and
the ribbon bow from the Glitter Girl,s Illusion board.

I,ve made quite a few variations on a theme with this one, 
I,ll be showing you more in the days and weeks to come.

Hope you ,ve had a great Easter break,
now all we need is some more sunshine.

until tomorrow

jens xx