Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It,s a Cracker!

Yes It,s still Christmas around here.

Here are a couple of crackers I made using
Whichcraft cards cracker pre cut cards.

I bought them from the Craft show they organise
at The Dome in Doncaster.

I,ve stuck the bottom part up onto the middle section
so that it would sit nicely on the table
for Christmas dinner.
It,s been decorated with backing paper
 from Jayne Nestorenko,s Adorable,s CD.

I also used some of the stamps to decorate the sides and 
some punched snowflakes to add texture.

The finished ones had ribbon tied around the top 
part to bring it together and a tag with our names on it.
I have used ribbon around the joining at the bottom
to cover the join decoratively.

I filled them with sweets , which as you can see
are now empty, but ready to use again next year.

I think we can have Christmas early this year as I,m nearly ready
are you ??

If only this was true!

until tomorrow 

jens xx