Saturday, 8 September 2012

Promarker storage

Hi there crafter's

Sorry I have been absent for a while.
It is the first anniversary of my mum passing last year 
and it's been a difficult time, 
but i,m back and hopefully raring to go.
Although the 11th will be a testing time ,
so please bear with me.

Well yesterday I was busy creating this Promarker storage unit.
I wanted some sort of system that would 
allow me to see all my colours in one go.
Rather than having to root in a box
for the right colour and risk the tops coming loose.
A friend on facebook suggested a metal case
that could go along with her to workshops etc.

So I got to thinking how could I achieve the same effect
 but with the things I already had.

This is what I came up with.

I started with a strong cardboard type box with a lid,
with no slots, just a plain box.
A pack of slim CD cases, some small labels
I had managed to find in Bridlington early this week.
And of course my Promarker pens.
Oh yeah some strong card from an old packaging box
and some double sided tape.

I cut the cardboard into strips 13cm x 2 cm and stuck them together 
in pairs so that they would be thick enough
for the CD case to sit on without falling.

I then stood the CD box on end as in the picture 
and stuck the board to the bottom side edges.

I then placed a CD case on the top and continued in this
way until I reached the top.
It's surprisingly sturdy to say its only from
an old  cardboard box.

Next I coloured a dot for each pen
and attached it to the end of the pen with wet
glue to make sure they didn,t all come off .

I then arranged them into colour tones and found
out that I had quite a few repeats. 
So these will now go into my next box.
Yes I,ve started on number two!!

Well I do have more colours to buy
and some Aquamarkers to house!!!!!!!!!!

The good thing about this is that it has a lid.

So while working at home the collection stands
in its correct position to ensure good visability and accessibility.

Then when I want to take the pens to
Jayne's workshops etc all I need to do
is lay the box flat , put on the lid and they
will transport easily without them all falling out.

Good eh!! 
Thanks for the inspiration Loraine

From this view you might be able to see how
 I have fitted in the cardboard supports.

Why not have ago yourself!!

I was proud of my work and showed my husband
the finished article and he turned round and said
"well thats a waste of Cd cases isn,t it!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Huh men what do they know !!

Yes I,m still married but only just lol 

until tomorrow

jens xxx


pauline said...

thats lovely good idea xxxx

Avril Ann said...

Fabulous storage for your promarkers hon, big hugs for Tuesday xxxx

Hellen said...

Clever idea Jen! x

Lise Cooke said...

Thats so clever, Jen. You are amazing. I hope you are ok. You are in my prayers, hope the 11th isn't too hard for you. Love Lise xxx

jane stillman said...

So you should be proud, it's a fantastic project. A typical male comment eh?? lol. Will be thinking of you on Tuesday x

Jane Parker said...

Such a Fabtastical idea well done u :0) x as for hubby typical ay !!!
But just got to say my partner is amazing and so supportive, I'm a vry vry lucky girl :0)

Jane Parker said...

Such a Fabtastical idea well done u :0) x as for hubby typical ay !!!
But just got to say my partner is amazing and so supportive, I'm a vry vry lucky girl :0)

Cazzy said...

What a great idea, and the dots on the end of the pens, so simple but effective and solving a problem I have pondered on for ages!

I might have to have a go at this, I need to find the right bits!

Tell Hubby you could store stamps or dies in the CD cases too, so doubly useful!