Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Advent calendar

Hi there crafter's
Sorry it,s been so long since I have posted on my blog,
but it,s been a difficult month,
 being a year since my mum passed
last September 11th.
So has you can imagine I haven,t felt much like crafting
or posting on here or facebook.

So I have been rooting through my old designs
for something to get me into the Christmas spirit.
This is what I found.

It,s an advent calendar I made from my own template
after seeing the cost of the wooden ones.

I decided that I could do that, but more cost effectively
and here is the result.
A little time consuming but I hope you will agree
well worth the effort.

The scene and backing papers come from
Jayne Nestorenko.s Cute Companions CD
which I enlarged slightly to fit the gap. 
It was used last year and will be used again this year.

I,ve also made one for my great nieces,
 but shhhhhh!!!
don,t tell them!

Glad to be back.
And so glad you popped by to take a look.

until tomorrow 

jens xxx


cindy Page said...

great hun love it xxx

tania hodson said...

wow wow love it so much its brillant and sorry to hear about your sad news you got your friends here if you ever need to chat hugs xxxx

Celia Harrington said...

That is brilliant just love it xxxxxxxxx

Debbie said...

Brilliant Jennie, just love it!! Sorry to hear your sad news, I know it's hard, I lost my partners mum in Jan 2010, we were very close and she was massively into crafting, not a day goes by where I don't think of her!!
Debbie x

Lise Cooke said...

Oh Jennie, poor you, it must be very hard for you, Here is a hug for you (()) Its so lovely to have you back and wow you've come back with a bang. Its gorgeous and so clever, You are amazing Love it Love it Love it xxxx

PatR said...

Great project Jenny, you are so inventive xxx

PatR said...

Great project Jenny, you are so inventive xxx

Wendy said...

Hi Jennie. I just had to leave you a comment. I love this and would love to try making one, can you share with us how you made it?

I lost my dear mum 2 years ago and know how hard it is. It will get better with time xx

Avril Ann said...

Sorry you are having a bad month Jennie, I am like that in February as that is when my Dad died, and he was my best friend, hugs to you..

On the subject of the Advent Calander, how fabulous and your niece will love it xxxx

Kandy's Krafts said...

It's lovely you clever thing.

julie_woolston said...

Stunning Jennie

Hugs Julie x

Jane said...

Hi Jen
I came across your post a few weeks ago and was very inspired by your 'calendar'. I hope you don't mind but I made my own template for something similar and really enjoyed making it. Thank you for sharing your idea.


Cazzy said...

Well done on making your own, that is impressive, and I do like these. Like you I looked at the cost but I decided against it for now.

Your Mum would be proud!