Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Weekend Workshop with Jayne
Wow doesn,t  time go fast !!
 It's already over a week since we were at
Jayne Nestorenko's first ever weekend workshop.
We had an amazing time meeting up with old and new crafting friends
and made some stunning projects . I still need to take some photos
 of the fully finished projects, but I have some part way there ones!
In the photo above are one of the groups, the others were still crafting.
Here's a quick roll call
Pete, Pat, Thelma, Daz, Kay, Helene, Hilda, Angie and Me..........Paul
Mandy, Rachel, Debbie, Bev, Elaine
We had just packed up at the end of the weekend.
The Holiday Inn at Crick nr Rugby was a fantastic, luxurious,
 comfortable, friendly and welcoming place to spend a whole weekend of crafting.
Add to that the talented Jayne Nestorenko and Helene and
you have the perfect combination for a fun and relaxing time.
The food seemed never ending and our 'free' time was fun filled.
Yes Jayne you got us , most of us fell hook line and sinker for
your little prank, you little minx, so funny!!
I,m just sorry that all this years workshops are now over and we
have to wait until next year for some more.
I really hope Jayne holds another weekend event
as we had such a wonderful time and didn,t want it to end, but
like all good things they do! unfortunately.
So until next time when I will hopefully have the project pictures sorted.
Bye for now
Jens xxxx

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Loraine said...

Looks like good fun, and how lovely to be able to craft for the whole weekend!!