Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Today's the day

Jayne Nestorenko's
Website goes live and her shop opens.

Don,t forget to take a look and do some shopping.
Things have been very hectic lately and so 
I have no more cards that I can share with you at the moment .

But I am lucky enough to be able to share 
with you this stunning card made by

Pat Robinson

Pat attends Jayne's workshops down in rugby
and was lucky enough to be able to purchase
 Jaynes stamps before the official launch.

The website and workshops are the only places you are able to buy 
this gorgeous collection of stamps and to
see some lovely cards to give you added inspiration.

I look forward to seeing what other people do with them as well.

This is another stunning card made by Pat.
They help to show how the same scene can
look completely different , simply stunning.
I love them both, I hope you do too.

So tomorrow 9am starts Jayne's new journey,
  I'm  going are you ??

see you there 

jens xx 

1 comment:

PatR said...

Good morning Jenny. Well the day's finally arrived and I'm so pleasedfor Jayne that it's all finally come together. Thank you for showing my cards and for your very kind comments. Have a good day and I'll see you on Sunday.Say hi to Daz xx